How to choose a bath

The first thing to consider when buying a bath is what space you are working with in your bathroom. Most bathroom imagery is pretty inspirational and when customers try to recreate ‘the look’ at home they struggle for space.

If you are trying to maximise space in a smaller bathroom then a corner bath, shower bath or small freestanding bath can help increase the floor space.

The budget is also going to play a major factor when choosing a bath, the majority of Bathrooms of Kents baths are UK manufactured and all our baths meet the relevant UK standards.

A bath and bathroom is a major investment and can also drastically increase the value of your house so it’s worth investing in a good quality bath with UK guarantee. Our baths start from just over £100 with the average model costing around £200-300.

Over the past 10 years bath design has really moved on with hundreds of designs now available. The best selling designs are as follows:

Single ended straight baths – This is where the bath taps are mounted at the narrow end of a rectangular bath tub. Straight baths range in size from 1200x700mm to 1800x700mm and are available in steel or acrylic. Straight baths are usually used in smaller bathrooms and often have an additional straight bath screen with over head shower.

Double ended straight baths – Very similar to a straight bath the double ended bath will have the taps mounted on the long side with the ends left untouched. Double ended baths are generally larger than single ended baths are usually larger with our best selling sizes being 1800x800mm and 1900x900mm.

P shape and L shape shower baths – To utilize space P and L shape baths where created to provide a dedicated bathing space at the end of a bath. These are now very popular in the UK and make up almost 50% of our bath sales. The baths are usually bought in pack from whereby you get a bath, front panel and bath screen. The baths come in a number of lengths and widths making them very adaptable for most projects.

Corner and offset corner baths – In a small room sometimes you just don’t have enough room to fit a straight bath, much like an offset quadrant cubicle the corner bath will allow you to make the most of your space by providing a small yet stylish bathing space.

Freestanding Baths – Sales have surged of freestanding baths in the UK with 1 in 20 bath sales now being freestanding. We offer a full range for traditional roll top with chrome feet to the ultra modern floor mounted minimalist designs. Prices have fallen dramatically over the past 3-4 years with freestanding baths being available from around £300 with the majority for sale at around £500+.

Practicality is a big point to consider, how often will you use the bath? Do you have kids? Is it suitable for them? Most baths are pretty simple to use but some now feature built in taps, overflow fillers and whirlpool systems. 

Baths come in a variety of materials, at Bathrooms of Kent we ensure all our materials are top quality. Acrylic is our most popular options, it’s warm to touch, allows the bath to be formed in detailed designs and fully reinforced to provide excellent durability and longevity.

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It’s time to move home…

If you’re looking to sell your home and move onto pastures new then you might think that doing up the bathroom is a waste of time because you won’t be there long to benefit from it.

But think about it, when you look around a house to buy the bathroom is a big factor and can often be a big selling point. An older, dated or dirty bathroom would almost certainly lower the asking price or put people off.

Make the decision to maximize the number of offers you get on your home by having a freshly cut lawn, some bread in the oven, and a really lovely fresh bathroom! So contact Bathrooms of Kent today for more info.

Bathrooms of Kent – design, provide and install.

With over 11 years’ experience in designing and fitting stylish, functional and elegant bathrooms in rooms of all shapes and sizes around Kent, we will make it easy for you to have the bathroom of your dreams too. Need bathroom tiling? Or, a new shower? Talk to the specialists here at Bathrooms of Kent as we will provide you with the bathroom design and installation services you require.

Bathrooms of Kent – fitting and supplying luxury bathrooms across Kent

Bathrooms of Kent supply homeowners from across Kent and the South East with market-leading and affordable bathroom suites that are individually tailored around their needs, tastes and styles.

For more information on having your gleaming new bathroom, wet room or shower room designed and installed, speak to us as we will ensure you receive the professional and quality products you deserve.

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My Tap Is Broken!

A leaking tap – it seems like a nightmare scenario. You go to turn on your bathroom tap to brush your teeth, cleanse your face or pour yourself a glass of water and the tap jars won’t turn off. This problem can occur with all manner of tap types throughout the home. You look at all of the wasted water just running away from you, and don’t know what to do. After all, where do you start when the tap just isn’t responding? You can always contact Bathrooms of Kent to help solve your problem! Our experienced engineers are fantastic problem solvers that make sure the job is done to the highest of standards, every time!

My Radiator Won’t Heat Up!

We are in the midst of an English winter so a radiator that won’t heat up is really no good at all. After all, we’re known for our chilly winters that motivate us to stay inside where it’s warm and cosy. When that’s not possible, things can turn unpleasant in the home, and certain people with health issues or the elderly can be put at risk. So, if you are having problems with your radiators in the bathroom or around your home then please contact Bathrooms of Kent via our ‘Contact us’ page.