The Perfect Wet Room

Why Are Wet Rooms So Popular?

Wet rooms are popular for a variety of different reasons, one of the main ones being they can save you space if you only have a small bathroom. They also create a lovely open-air feeling and can make your bathroom look a lot more spacious.

Another positive of wet rooms is that they are particularly good for people who have issues with mobility as it involves no climbing into the bath or shower cubicle you simply just walk in.

On top of that they are also stylish and modern as well as being easier to clean as you don’t necessarily need a shower screen, and certainly no shower trays.

Getting A Wet Room Installed

Here at Bathrooms of Kent our team of certified plumbers are specialist trained to ensure that your bathroom is waterproofed appropriately and the drainage system set up properly so that you get the most out of your new bathroom. Bathrooms of Kent offer a professional plumbing service at a great rate, to get a quote simply send us an email via our ‘Contact us’ page.

Invite CHANGE to your bathroom

We all love a change once in a while. Perhaps you’re not happy with your current bathroom’s look. Some decide that their bathroom doesn’t fit the current colour scheme or style of the rest of the house and often this becomes a significant ‘eye-sore’. A redesign can ensure that your bathroom becomes a area in your house where you can relax, efficiently use and clean with ease.

As a growing business with over 35 years combined experience in successfully designing and supplying bathrooms to clients across Kent and surrounding areas, Bathrooms of Kent have a team of design consultants on hand to discuss your requirements.

Contact us today via our ‘Contact us’ page more more info.

Top tips to keep your bathroom looking new after instillation

A clean bathroom environment is one we all desire. But keeping on top of a dirt, mould and rust prone room can be quite tricky. It’s important to look after your bathroom though, as over time, lack of care and attention can cause permanent damage to your beloved luxury bathroom suit. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend fortunes on cleaning products, and most things you have in the house, such as vinegar, are perfect for getting your bathroom sparkly and dirt free.

How to Clean a Bathroom: Top Tips

1. Remove mould

Remove mouldy grouting or sealant with a toothbrush dipped in a solution of one part bleach to four parts water.

2. Easily Remove limescale 

Keep on top and get rid of dried deposits around chrome taps by soaking a cloth or a kitchen towel with white vinegar and wrap it tightly around the tap. Leave overnight and rinse thoroughly with warm soapy water in the morning. If there are any stubborn deposits, gently remove them with a toothbrush.

3. Keep taps shiny and sparkly

Brass fixtures can soon look tarnished so clean by making a paste of bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice. Lightly scrub the fixtures, leave for a few minutes and then buff with a clean cloth. This should give a result of new looking taps.

4. Clean marks and prints from mirrors

Remove caked on hairspray from mirrors by wiping with a little surgical spirit on a soft cloth. This will enhance the gleam of your mirror and reflect more light around the room, giving the room a deeper feel.

5. Remove stains from the toilet seat

To remove stubborn rings around toilet bowls, use a pumice stone. Keeping the stone wet, rub until the ring has gone. Don’t try this on enamel or plastic fittings.

6. Descale shower heads

Descale shower heads monthly in hard water areas, such as Kent, where they can easily clog up. Soak overnight in a solution of half white vinegar and half water and then rinse.

7. Clean Your Toothbrush  

Your toothbrush picks up MILLIONS of germs and bacteria, even after just 1 use. So you can imagine how dirty it actually is when it’s been sat on your bathroom shelf for a few weeks. To clean it, and kill all bacteria, soak it in several tablespoons of white vinegar and leave to rest for 30 minutes. Rinse, and use as normal. We recommend doing this every other week. Another solution is get buy a pack of cheap toothbrushes, use once then dispose in to recycling.

8. Unblock Your Sink Without Bleach

Using just vinegar and baking soda, you may unblock your sink. If this doesn’t work then contact us for advise or to arrange a Bathrooms of Kent member of staff to visit.

We hope these tips have enlightened you, and given you some hope when it comes to cleaning your bathroom. In this next part we aim to give you a guide for how to clean a bathroom successfully.

How to Clean a Bathroom: Step by Step Guide

The Magic Ingredients!

You may have heard them banded about as the magic ingredients of any kind of cleaning, whether it is in the kitchen, the lounge or the bathroom. The multi-purpose ingredients that will help a bathroom get back to its sparkling original state are white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. These ingredients will accomplish whatever those supermarket cleaning products profess to achieve, and at much cheaper prices. Say goodbye to ingredients you cannot pronounce and chemical-smelling cleaning products, and embrace a more natural and wholesome approach to bathroom cleaning.

A Natural Approach to Cleaning your Bathroom:

Begin with the Bathroom Suite

The toilet is often the first place you want to start when cleaning a bathroom, for obvious reasons. It’s also everyone’s least favourite spot to clean, so get it out of the way first! Prepare your ingredients for the task at hand; grab half a cup of the white vinegar or lemon and mix it with one spoon of baking sofa, before pouring it into the toilet bowl. The vinegar and the lemon are both acidic and will both cause a particular reaction when mixed with the baking sofa; this will help to remove any stains or marks that have accumulated within the bowl. Both work as well as each other, but the advantage of using lemon for the task is the fresh scent it leaves behind.

The mixture works far more effectively than bleach or any other cleaner, which simply sits there until it is washed away. Pull on your rubber gloves and scrub away at any of the more stubborn stains, and make sure to pay close attention to the outside of the bowl, the area under the toilet seat, and the hinges where dust and dirt can gather. The same technique can be used to get limescale and other dirt off bath tubs and basins.

Glass Areas

Next, move onto any glass in the room. Shower enclosures and mirrors are omnipresent in many bathrooms nowadays, and they are notorious for acquiring streaks and marks easily. Using basic warm water and a lint-free cloth (the lint-free aspect is important; have you ever tried wiping over a mirror with a tissue or a towel only to find tiny particles cling to the glass?) you ‘can remove everyday stains that appear. The hardier stains will require a little more effort; combine white vinegar or lemon with some water in a spray bottle and wipe free using the same lint-free cloth.

Using different combinations of water and natural acids such as lemon juice, almost any area in the bathroom can be cleaned, from the bathroom floor to the taps, and from the drains to the toilet lid. Forget buying expensive supermarket cleaners; the answer lies in your kitchen cupboard!

If you have any tips of your own we’d love to know them, so head on over to our Facebook and Instagram pages for a chat @BathroomsofKent.

A new bathroom can INCREASE the value of your property

If you’re from Kent and considering selling your existing home or looking to invest in revitalising the bathroom in a property you’re looking to put on the market, remodelling your bathroom is definitely going to increase the overall value.

Potential buyers place great importance on a remodeled bathroom and they tend to sell more quickly than houses with an older, outdated bathroom. In their perspective – it ensures they have a modern and new bathroom that they can enjoy the moment they move in.

The bathroom is one of the key areas of the home that help buyers make an informative decision. You should ensure your bathroom is not outdated, out of fashion or has old plumbing systems that may put potential buyers off. If you’re from Kent and interested in having a new bathroom fitted then please contact us via our ‘Contact us’ page.

Create more intelligent SPACE

Create more intelligent space with Bathrooms of Kent. For couples and small families, the bathroom is used regularly and it can be one of the busiest rooms in the house. Perhaps your family has increased in size, or your children are getting older (and demand more time in the bathroom!). You may have more linen, toiletries and supplies to stock. A redesign can accommodate this. Adding a new more cabinets or layout, which ensures a more efficient, comfortable and beautiful space that dramatically cuts down on clutter and gives you more intelligent space.

You may also have ageing family members or a physically disabled person who uses a wheelchair. These family members cannot use the bathroom facilities as the average person does. The latest technology and products in the market can ensure that they are able to use the bathroom in comfort and with increased accessibility.

Contact one of our team via our ‘Contact us’ page for more information or a quote.

Is your bathroom looking old?

Your bathroom is one room in the house that gets old faster. You may have broken or loose tiles, leaking shower valves or a dilapidated cupboard. When it comes to minor leaks within your bathroom it can potentially lead to mould – something you definitely don’t want!

In addition, due to hot water, your bathroom experiences high amounts of heat and humidity. The steam produced creates moisture, which for old bathrooms may lead to bacteria build up and mould. This is a certainly a health hazard for you, your children and others and means even more difficulty and time in cleaning your old bathroom.

Plumbing technology moves surprisingly fast, meaning that these days new systems are far easier to install and maintain. Updating your bathroom with Bathrooms Of Kent also means that it has modern systems, which puts you at less risk of anything going wrong in the years to come.

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